Understanding business failure

PLEASE NOTE: use at least 15 academic articles/ journals/ books as the sources to support the case study
analyse a company that has recently failed (in the past 5 years) or is likely to experience business failure.
o Sections and approximate weighting:
? Identify Conduct a systematic multi-level root cause analysis (60%)
? Strategise Develop and present a turnaround or exit strategy (30%)
Choose a medium to large publicly listed company (so you can access shareholders reports) and justify why you believe this company is failing/has failed. Use tools, theories and concepts drawn from lecture material, recommended reading, reputable business and news media sources (e.g. Forbes, BusinessWeek, BBC), and independent study to identify root causes of failure and develop a turnaround or exit strategy.

A good assignment will:

Conduct a multi-level analysis to identify and evaluate the root causes of failure, and any changing conditions or major decisions central to failure
Present an overview of company performance prior to and after the time period during which failure occurred
Understand failure as a process rather than as an event, i.e. illustrate how failure develops over time
Offer considered rationale for turnaround or exit strategy
Include a balance of analytical and descriptive writing, and diagrams where necessary
Frame and support analysis and argument with relevant academic literature
Be clearly structured and written with references in Harvard style format
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