The role of your personal values in your future profession

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The capacity to reflect is an important element of professional life. It enhances the capacity to evaluate current knowledge and to understand and accept personal weaknesses and strengths. This assignment will enable you to develop critical reflection skills and recognise its value in professional life.

Each entry requires you to bring together:

1. Information from relevant readings
2. Concepts from the relevant part of the course
3. Personal experience

Turn these over in your mind and reflect on the topic, and write in the first person about your considered view.

The third reflective entry requires you to reflect on \’The role of your personal values in your future profession\’.

Information: The careers workbook might help you identify the profession that you seek to join. If you are already a member of a profession, the careers workbook might help you identify the values that are important for that profession. A suggested reading is eReading 01 – Challenges of cultural relativism from Rachels, J (1993). Elements of moral philosophy. New York: McGraw Hill.
Another relevant reading may be eReading 14 by Molinsky, A (2012) Code switching between cultures, Harvard Business Review, 90 (1), p 139-143.
You may find eReading 03 by Platts, J (2003) Developing competence and trust: maintaining the heart of a profession, Professional Ethics 11(1) p3-18 useful. You may, however, also choose to anchor your reflection in any of the other readings from the course.
Way of making sense: Useful conceptual background might come from the segment of the course which discusses being professional.
Personal experience: This may be an example a time when your personal values were challenged, or any other relevant experience.

Reflective writing records the writers thoughts about individual learning and experience. Whenever you use ideas from a source, reference them using the Harvard Guide.

Please use the information provided but you don\’t have to use all of them as reference and write some personal experience (I am 21 year old, so I don\’t have much work experience) Remember it is not an essay writing!! Reflective journal writing style is different to essay writing! You are not trying to come to a definitive and final conclusion, thank you
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