Sociological imagination to discuss stratification and inequality

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A photo essay is a series of pictures that presents an idea and tells a story. In this assignment, youll be using your sociological imagination to discuss stratification and inequality (chapter 7 in the textbook) in a neighborhood through a series of photos. The following is the step-by-step instruction:

1) Choose a neighborhood that you have some knowledge of the place. It doesnt have to be the neighborhood you reside.

2) Go to NYC Community Data Portal, scroll down to select a community district on the map. On the next page, click the tab Population Data and scroll down to open 3 PDF files: Demographic Profile, Social Profile, and Economic Profile. From these 3 files, find the following data: educational attainment, Median household income, Mean household income, and race (major racial groups: White, Black or African American, Asian, Hispanic or Latino). Make a table to display the data you find.

3) Walk around the neighborhood you choose, observe and explore the social world around you. Take photos and select 5 photos to tell a story about stratification and inequality. One of the photos must be about food (e.g. street vendor, grocery store, ethnic food cart, the food you eat in that neighborhood etc.)

4) Write 3-5 sentences under each photo to describe what intrigues you to take the photo and your observation and reflection.

5) Example:

Required Text: Dalton Conley, You May Ask Yourself: An Introduction to Thinking Like a Sociologist (ISBN: 9780393935172).
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