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Signature Assignment Paper Outline:
This assignment allows you use critical thinking to provide an assessment and intervention plan based on The Real Cases Project: Andrea R. Case. Mimicking the process you may complete in the field, use this assignment to demonstrate effective written skills working with individuals and families.
Below is an outline for the paper. Follow it closely and make sure to answer all the questions. You must cite evidence from the case to back up your points. Also, use information from outside readings/sources to further explain dynamics, roles, obstacles, and treatment. To complete this paper, you must use a variety of sources of information including information from the text and outside sources. Find the most appropriate model of intervention and back it up with evidence from the source. This paper should be written in APA 6th edition style in paragraph/essay form using professional language. Include citations and references for any idea that is not original. Try not to use direct quotations, as it is better to put the information in your own words but use a reference to show where you learned of the information. This paper should be no more than 5 pages not including a cover and a reference page.
Presenting Problem
Summarize the presenting problem in one paragraph.
Family Description and Engagement
? Complete a brief psychosocial evaluation on the family. Describe each member of the family.
? Explain anything relevant in their history.
? What are their challenges as a family? Name at least 3 and give examples.
? What are the family or personal strengths?
? What is the impact of mental illness on parenting ability?
? Identify examples of your use of empathy and other interpersonal skills to engage the family in treatment?
Social Work Skills and Intervention:
? Who would you identify as the client? Why?
? What social work interventions do you think would be helpful for this family? Describe 3 interventions and explain why you would refer for these services. Use outside references to show why these would be helpful.
? Create a mutually agreed upon treatment plan that you would propose to the court to help Andrea regain custody of her son.
Social Worker Perspective
? Which family member are you pulled toward (easiest to identify with) and why?
? Which family member would be the hardest for you to work with? Explain how you would engage this member of the family.
? What have you learned from reading this case and preparing this paper that will inform your future practice with individuals and families?
*This section is meant to be personal. It is important to realize your emotions and think about how they may impact your work on a case. Please share relevant information but feel free to omit anything that you feel is too personal or painful.
Note: The Real Cases Project is Copyright Protected. However, all materials are available for social work educational purposes without permission. References must include attribution to the Real Cases Project, including the Website address:, and Sponsors: New York City Social Work Education Consortium and New York City Administration for Children\’s Services.
There are several resources on The Real Cases Project website that may be helpful for this paper. They can be accessed at
The National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections Practice in Child Welfare [NRCPFC]. Accessed 12/18/14 at:
The National
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