Signature assignment

The Signature Assignment represents the culmination of your learning in this course.
Throughout this course you have examined theories that attempted to explain how and why stress occurs. You also have reviewed a variety of techniques that researchers demonstrated as helpful in managing stress effectively.

There is always room for all of us to improve upon the ways we handle stress. Your final assignment provides you an opportunity to apply your learning by creating a stress management toolbox that can be used for yourself, your loved ones, and even friends and people you know if such a situation presented itself. Your stress and coping toolbox will contain information about how stress and coping and should include the activities/tools you found most helpful for yourself. For example you might include information from stress tests, relaxation techniques, good nutrition, exercise, time management, emotion-focused coping, and/or problem-focused coping, among several other concepts.
For this assignment you will finalize your collection of stress coping tools that you have been gathering throughout the course. Be sure to include at least five entries from each week covered. You may choose to include more.

Each entry should be at least one paragraph long. In your entries make notations where appropriate to explain resources and material; tell how they may be used; recommendations of any particular group or situation appropriate to the application; and any research or recommendations that support the use of the tool. At the end of the toolbox, include a comprehensive reference section of all outside resources (at least 10 are required) just as you would include them in any research paper or report.
online stress test, available at: Calculate your score and be aware of your current stress and anxiety levels.

Take Holmes and Rahe\’s (1967), Social Readjustment Rating Scale used to measure life change units. See the American Institute of Stress website:

relaxation response

Analyze your decision-making and problem-solving skills with the 9-Step Problem Solving Plan. See:

Some problems are not even ours, but we insist on getting involved and letting them cause US stress! We should all be minding our own business. Here is some information about how to do that:

How do you make decisions and cope with change?

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