Should the county of Los Angeles expand the Metro Rail system?

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Times New Roman
Eight sources
double Spaced

MLA style

my name: Christina Chacon
professor Mancia
english 100

Problem solving is an essential activity that we all practice daily. From the executive level of government all the way to the personal level, problem solving inevitably requires that we assess the problem carefully, do research to acquire a greater understanding of it, and eventually reach conclusions leading to solutions. Notwithstanding the severity of any problem, the process is always the same. Keep in mind that similar to other assignments, this one has a specific purpose: to point out a specific problem and present possible solutions. Also, keep in mind that you\’re doing research so you must submit a Works Cited page with at least eight-12 sources.?

Note: Choose a topic from the approved list of topics. Since this is an argumentation essay, the topic must be debatable. This means that there must be an opposing side who disagrees. Therefore, if you\’re writing about immigration reform, for instance, make sure to acknowledge the audience who disagrees with you. After all, the purpose of your essay is to have them understand the topic better from your perspective based on facts and statistics.

To get a good grade on this assignment, you must do the following:?

Write a \”catchy introduction to capture your reader\’s ?attention. Start the introduction by providing ?statistics, for instance ?
State a clear thesis statement ?
Use transitional words/phrases ?
Provide detailed examples?
Write a concluding paragraph where you provide a ?solution to the problem?
Incorporate secondary sources into your essay and?prepare a Works Cited page. Follow MLA guidelines. ?
Take second draft to the Writing Center and have an ?instructor/tutor go over it with you?
Turn in outline, final typed draft.
??Good luck!
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