Scholarly Assignment: The Power of Connection: Building a Personal Learning Network

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Forward-thinking educators have begun purposefully building online social networks, known as Personal Learning Networks (PLN)s, of colleagues and experts in the field. Rather than see social networks as an annoyance or way of wasting time, these educators have made them an invaluable means of personal and professional growth. Business professionals can benefit from following their lead. Creating a PLN often is a guide for professionals and committed lifelong learners to help build relationships with others from all over the world. With careful work and commitment to building and maintaining a PLN, the possibilities for connection are endless.
To prepare for this Assignment, review the materials in the Learning Resources and consider novel ways in which you might use technology to foster new connections and seek information and advice.
By Day 7
Submit a 3- to 5-page paper in which you create the plan for your PLN. Your paper should include the following:
A description of what networks and tools you will use to create your PLN, including a brief rationale for each
Information you will present in your professional profile (which may be placed on one or more social media platforms), including specific text you will use to identify yourself and your interests for those who might be interested in following you or joining your PLN
A categorized, annotated list of at least 5 people or groups that you might add to your PLN (through their Twitter feed, blog, LinkedIn page, etc.), including the following for each person or group:
A brief (12 paragraphs) rationale for why you would include the person or group in your PLN
A brief (1 paragraph) description of the process by which you found the person or group you added to your PLN, e.g., by browsing a groups Twitter feed and then deciding to add it to your own PLN, by locating another person the groups feed follows, by finding a group on Facebook and deciding to send a friend request to an individual within that group, etc.
Support your work with a minimum of two specific citations per page from this weeks Learning Resources and/or additional scholarly sources.
Be sure to use the APA Course Paper Template (6th Ed.) to complete this Assignment. Please Note: For each page of your paper, you must include a minimum of two APA-formatted scholarly citations and paper must have an abstract.

Learning Resources:
Learning Resources
Note: To access this weeks required library resources, please click on the link to the Course Readings List, found in the Course Materials section of your Syllabus.
Required Readings
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Note: You will access this article from the Walden Library databases.
Olehnovica, E., Bolgzda, I., & Kravale-Pauli?a, M. (2014). Individual potential of doctoral students: Structure of research competences and self-assessment. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 174(12) 35573564. doi:10.1016/j.sbspro.2015.01.1072
Note: You will access this article from the Walden Library databases.
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Note: You will access this article from the Walden Library databases.
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Note: You will access this article from the Walden Library databases.
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