Rhetorical analysis of \”FOOD INC\” 2008 documentary

First: You will be doing a rhetorical analysis of the \”Food Inc\” following the elements discussed in the Purdue OWL at https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/725/01/ in the first part of your essay. The readings include the sub-categories of Elements of Analysis and Organizing Your Analysis.

2. Next: For the second part of the essay, you will include research that either supports what the films thesis was OR find research that weakens the films thesis.

-For example: many people have seen the doc Super Size Me. For those that have not, according to the documentary website, Super Size Me is one man\’s journey into the world of weight gain, health problems and fast food. It is an examination of the American way of life and how we are eating ourselves to death.

-If you were to find evidence to support his claim that fast food, eaten in large quantities on a regular basis, is unhealthy, you would include this in the second part of your paper as research.

-The other way you could go would be to do some research on how good fast food is for people, thereby weakening his thesis. (Remember, this film is an example, you are not to use Super Size Me for your paper)

-For the research aspect of this essay, you will be directed to the colleges library databases: https://www.swccd.edu/~library/Lvl1/index.asp?L1=12

I am pointing this out because there is a lot of poor (ok, crappy) material out there online and you want reputable, respectable sources. This is one key to college writing, you will find these on sites like EbscoHost and ProQuest, just to mention two. Wikipedia, dictionaries, and encyclopedias are not allowed. If you are accessing the sites away from campus, there are directions on how to obtain passwords available at the library.

Paper guidelines:

1. Three (full) four pages double spaced with MLA heading and 1\” margins.

2. This is an essay. Have a clear thesis to guide your paper, body paragraphs that address the prompt that were introduced in the intro, and a conclusion that ends the paper with no new information.

3. Third person only, no I, me, my, you, we, etc. No personal opinion.

4. Please pick a film that interests you. It must be approved by me first. Make sure there are sources that will work for your paper before you submit your choice.

5. MLA format plus Works Cited page (your film plus 2 outside sources).

Submitted through the Assignments tab on Blackboard (it will be run through SafeAssign, an anti-plagiarism program)

Inclusion of two outside sources to support your essay – this means quotations integrated into your essay. If you have not worked with outside sources before, or, if it has been a while, consult the handout in Course Information, Integrating Quotes and the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) for MLA format, quotes, and Works Cited page.
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