Revie the book The European Discovery of America:By Samuel Eliot.

Need help on this PLS READ THE ASSIGNMENT!!! Book selection Students will select the book they are going to review. The choices are vast, but they must meet the following criteria: • Books must have a minimum length of 150 pages, not including index, endnotes, etc. Students choosing particularly lengthy books (over 250 pages) may, with my approval, elect to review a portion of the book. • Books must be “serious” historical works (no fiction, no books made up primarily of photographs, no juvenile books, etc.). • Books should be a secondary works, not first-hand accounts. For example, a book written about Ulysses S. Grant would be OK, but a book written by Ulysses S. Grant would not. • HIST 1305: Books must deal with some aspect of American history up to 1877.  Basic requirements The paper should meet the following requirements: • Length of 1,000-1,500 words • Must be typed or computer printed 3 • Must be double-spaced • Must include a word count • Must include the bibliographical information of the book at the top of page one; use the following format: Morison, Samuel Eliot. The European Discovery of America: The Southern Voyages, 1492-1616. New York: Oxford University Press, 1977, 578 pp. Format of the paper Your paper does not need a title page. At the top of page 1 list your name, the course number (HIST 1305 or HIST 1306), the date, and the word count of the paper. Below that, have the bibliographic information of the book arranged in the format specified above. After that should be the body of the paper. Do not put your paper in any sort of plastic or paper folder; just staple it togehter  

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