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You will develop a research proposal based on research that has already been conducted in the language studies field.
Write an evaluative review, based on your careful reading of that study.
The final step is to propose how you might design an alternate way of undertaking research in relation to the same issue as in your reviewed paper.
– In reviewing research paper: the research article you are going to review (Edwards, E. & Burns, A. (2016) ) THAT I UPLAODED.
1. Clearly outline the background context to the research you are reviewing.
2. Succinctly articulate the problem / issue that motivated the study.
3. Critique the studys literature review, eg:
Does it cover a reasonable scope of relevant knowledge of the issue?
Does it include some up-to-date references (in terms of its own date of publication)?
Does it include references to sources that inform about relevant theoretical frameworks?
Does it refer to gaps in knowledge that the study aims to address
Throughout this critique you should aim to weave in references to 2 or 4 other sources you have located that address the same issue as your chosen study, and make comments on what they might contribute to the literature review. (I uploaded 4 other sources)
4. Identify the research approach taken and the methods deployed, and discuss some of the underlying assumptions that underpin such a research design.
5. Evaluate the study and its usefulness and relevance to the language studies field.
– Focusing on the final step of assignment where you propose an alternate way you could explore the same issue: (It is expected that this section will constitute about 700 words.)
Now – put yourself in the role of a researcher to discuss how the issue motivating the chosen study might be explored in a different way with an intention to extend, complement or potentially challenge the outcomes of the first study. What would be a way in which you could extend, complement or develop a contrasting approach to the same kind of issue.
Here you should follow these guidelines:
Outline the research design you are proposing. This outline needs to make clear the approach. It needs to specify the methods. Do not just name them, but provide some description and explanation of what those methods entail.
The outline of your proposed alternative way to investigate the topic should include notes on these aspects:
Research question/s: you may need to change or adapt the specific research questions that will guide the study.
Data collection: What are the sources of data you have in mind for your alternate study? Say why you are planning to collect this kind of data. Say what you see as some possible challenges in collecting this kind of data.
Analysis of data: Explain in general terms how you envisage analysing the data you collect.
Finally, discuss very briefly how you think your research might be useful for other educational professionals.

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