Research and development Assistant in producing Human Insulin

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I had group assignment like we are a company and choose molecule to produce and we choose to produce human insulin. we have done group assignment my part is POSITION 1 Research and development Assistant. I have to write a report about my part and add some evidence for our meeting and articles i have select. In fact, we did not meet so much so you can provide random articles

In my part
Written report (template)
Summary of your role
Description of your individual tasks
EVIDENCE of your contribution
Critical analysis

What goes into it:
EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE Description of your role
List of tasks (evidence attached) References
Minutes from meetings*
Critical analysis of your team / yourself

Everything you have done
Every team members report will be different
(plagiarism will be penalised as per LTU policy) There is no page / word limit (min or max)

Items you must include:
Individual report (20%)
Contents page
Summary of your role
Pages must be numbered
Approximately half a page
What did you do?
Did you encounter problems?
If so, what happened?
List of tasks

The tasks you performed Bullet point list is OK
Reference list (do not attach any articles!) All your raw data (everything!)
e.g. logos you designed, minutes from meetings, flow charts you made for protocols etc.

Individual report (20%)
How you will be marked:
Professional presentation 5%
Correct spelling and grammar
Care with formatting
Relevance 10%

Contribution 5%
Were you researching the appropriate material
Is your data scientifically accurate
Do you have evidence for your work (relevant references)
Fair contribution to group work (meetings, web page etc.)
Evidence attached matches your summary

I will upload extra files for my work so you can have an idea about what I did and from my teacher.

In my report the reference as Appendix to the sites and articles related to my position Research and development Assistant in producing Human Insulin

Reference style Embo J
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