Reflective statement of practice

Please read careful and follow instruction, this is a core subject.
1. Watch the program The Tall Man- (based on Chloe Hoopers book of the same name) click on this link below bb_bb60/items/getitem.jsp? as_course_code=16-WS2121-TSV-INT_LTD-SP1&content_id=_2181306_1&course_id=_78854_1&doc_id=45574

Please note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are respectfully advised that this documentary contains images and names of people who are deceased. It contains very culturally sensitive material. Some students may find viewing this material distressing.

Also, view recent media coverage to help you understand the up-todate context – and do your own further research on this traumatic event and its aftermath:

MPs call on government to drop Palm Island appeal

Money wont wash away Palm Islands trauma, Lex Wotton says

Palm Island Mayor outraged by appeal

2. Write a two-part statement where you:
Part one- Identify your personal response after viewing the program The Tall Man and reading recent media coverage (300 words). You also have to linked back to your own cultural learning/socialisation as informing your perspective (see marking criteria above).
You are required to demonstrate your personal reflection on viewing Tall Man linked to critical awareness of own cultural and historical socialisation and how this socialisation may fit with, or be different from, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander values ( this has 30%)

Part two: You have been asked to work with the Palm Island community regarding this matter. Drawing on and referring to information gained from subject resources, guest speakers, presentations and text, discuss how you would go about entering the community and your ways of working and taking action with the community, including key subject frameworks, skills and knowledge you would draw on and your critical reflections, informed by learning from this subject (1400 words)
Demonstrate an ability to work with and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples; to have a critical appreciation of the skills, frameworks knowledge and approaches integral to social welfare practice alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (30%)
N.B: You must use comments about being culturally competent and the need to understand historical injustice. You needed to link in more WS2121 resources and identify learning from guest speakers, text books, reading materials. You also
needed to talk more about How you will work with the community of Palm Island- how could you make contact with community elders; how would you introduce yourself etc. You could also emphasise important key skills including building relationships and activism skills for working for justice.
Clearly link and reference learning to subject materials, frameworks from WS2121, readings, guest speakers, DVDs and workshop. 30%

Subject Outcome/s and criteria

Statement of skills and knowledge for practice

Demonstrate ability to articulate distinctive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander approaches to social welfare;
Demonstrate ability to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples;
Have a critical appreciation of social welfare skills and frameworks that may be integral to social welfare practice with and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
Have critical awareness of their own cultural and historical socialisation and how this socialisation may fit with, or be different from, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander values, and therefore how their socialisation informs or impact on their professional practice;
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