Purchase price adjustment clauses in M&A

The dissertation needs to be focused on the purchase price adjustment clauses in an m&a transactions.
It needs to be only LEGAL and no accounting and needs to include a CASE STUDY on the clauses above mentioned. The case study can be any acquisition, in which it is important to explain practically how the clauses work and how in general the price mechanism works.
Dissertation needs to be UK/EU based.
Where possible and as long as compatible with the topic (I do not know the topic very well unfortunately) a few pages on the differences between uk and italian law on the topic could be very useful in order to make the dissertation more personal and interesting!
I would be very grateful if you could have a look of the following books in order to have an idea:
– drafting purchase price adjustment clause in M&A and
– the challenge of drafting price purchase adjustment clauses in merger and acquisition contracts. The author of the books is Alexander W Nurke. I think the books can be helpful also in order to see the references and then look for the related articles/books.
First, if you please can write to me as soon as you have an idea on the structure/table of content of the dissertation we can discuss and avoid that you waste your time!
Secondly, considering that I am paying by instalment, if you please can send to me around 10 pages since I can send them to my supervisor and then give to you the confirm that the structure is ok and then you can continue.
Please note that if you need a few days more than the time agreed, please let me know and I will be happy to wait a few days (if I can considering the deadline) but have a good job.

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