Public Health Interventions for Reducing Malaria/improving malaria patient outcomes in Papua New Guinea

The assignment explanation is as follows:

\”The 1000 word assignment will be based on the group presentation, with references.

With regards to the case which you discussed in your group presentation, please describe two effective and affordable interventions that could reasonably be made in the low resource setting and would lead to an improved outcome in future similar presentations. These can be public health interventions or treatment interventions. Outline how these could changes could be implemented and include references to justify your proposed interventions.

This is a formal piece of academic writing and it is expected that you will include an introduction to set the scene for the assignment and introduce the topics under discussion, and a conclusion where main points are summarized and drawn together. It is expected that you research the issues and topics under discussion and that you reference appropriately.\”

The larger group assignment that we did was based on a clinical scenario of a young 4 year old girl with malaria who presented, unconscious, for treatment of suspected cerebral malaria to a rural health post in Papua New Guinea. The group presentation asked us to discuss the medical management of this patient given the resource poor setting, and also to describe interventions that could improve the outcomes for the patient. This written assignment is a little aside to that which simply asks you to research 2 public health initiatives that could be implemented within PNG to improve malaria outcomes, etc. and how they would be implemented.

I\’ll be uploading documents re: the task requirements and also with info re: the original group presentation to provide context for the person writing the assignment.

Please note that all sources need to be of a high quality – no Wikipedia! Online sources from the World Health Organisation, Papua New Guinea Ministry of Health (for country background, statistics, health reports) are acceptable. All other sources are to be peer-reviewed, journal articles from within the last 5 years only (as per the requirements for the assignment). I actually have an extensive reference list (not fully converted to Vancouver referencing style yet) to use as a guide and to save some time for the writer. I will upload this also.
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