prepare an Essay on a current HOT TOPIC in one of the hospitality management segments.

Please prepare a 5-7 page Essay on a current HOT TOPIC in one of the hospitality management segments. First, choose the segment of the Hospitality Industry that interests you the most: Foodservice, Lodging, Travel & Tourism. NEXT, choose an issue or concern that is affecting the industry segment, which could be legislative, social, environmental, political, or technological. For the writing, provide background or context for the issue, explain the current state of the industry in relation to the issue, and compare and contrast two possible outcomes (future state) of the issue. The writing should describe how the industry is responding, identify how industry leaders (individuals, companies, or organizations) are responding or adapting, and explain how this issue became a hot button issue for the industry. A well developed thesis statement should be written in your introductory paragraph. This tells what the paper will be about. It basically answers the question that the rest of your paper is developing and exploring. The body of the paper should develop and support that thesis statement, using valid industry and academic resources. Include specific industry references and examples to reinforce your points. Be sure that you have reviewed any feedback you have received regarding APA format from past assignments and be sure to apply the changes to this project in order to earn the highest amount of points possible.

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