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This is to edit a previous order that i will upload for editing. please review the order and change the format from being like an essay to a formal briefing note for department heads. my teacher uploaded new info. that I will upload for your review to make sure that the order complies with the laws taken in this specific course.

she stated that for the Problem scenarios:
I identify Issues
R identify the Rules, the Relevant law
A Apply the rules/law to the particular facts
C come to a Conclusion, advise your client

and she noted that \”The scenario was written assuming a hand-in by Tuesday 23rd May. you should ANSWER THE SCENARIO PROBLEMS ASSUMING YOU ARE DEALING WITH THE ISSUES BEFORE THE DEADLINE DATE. This is a big hint that the dates are important!. Remember that the General review in Week 7 included a list of cases relating to the meaning of \’reasonableness\’ when dealing with tenant applications for assignment /alteration etc. In Week 4, we looked at the L&T Act 1954 which is directly relevant for regaining vacant possession of property for redevelopment and remember that you can include more than one relevant ground in a notice. However, only one notice – section 25, 26 or 27 – can be served for each lease. It is also worthwhile re-reading the ways to terminate a lease (also week 4)

When considering the situation with Building C, this deals with \’neighbourly matters\’ and the law of tort and land law should be considered here. This has nothing to do with repairs under a lease and dilapidations.\”. and types of notices must be specified and named; e.g. lease renewal: (landlord serves s25 notice, tenant serves s26 notice); these were not specified in the order.
also, In the summary slides uploaded \”s.18 Landlord &Tenant Act 1927\” is mentioned. is this related to the problem scenario?.

please review, amend, and specify the sections for any law mentioned, assuming the client does not know specific sections/notices.
i don\’t know if further references will be needed for this task so i will choose to add/or not 3 more references.
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