PhD Proposal (UK)

\’ll tell you a brief story of what happened with the previous writer to go from there with three attachments of the first two drafts of my PhD proposal and the comments from the university in the the third attachment.
I\’ve finished my master in disaster medicine and management from American and want to start my PhD in Public Health in the U.K.
One of the requirements for admission is to have a proposal that is the only missing requirement to get accepted.
I need an idea in public health or EMS (emergency medical services) that has to be connected with Saudi Arabia that you are familiar with because you were the one who did my project of Capstone for my master that is about some health hazards during Hajj with recommendations for prevention and management. I will attach our capstone as a four file entitled \”Capstone\”.
What you I need is a 5-page proposal as described earlier to be the base of my dissertation but please remember that we do need to mention a questionnaire in our idea and that I\’ll be using WhatsApp to get the results from the participants.
Please also remember that both proposals, attached 1 and 2, with this order were rejected because of the comments of the UK university, in attached 3 that will mention their comments after each proposal from both proposals along with the reply from the writer to their comments after 1st proposal. Attached 4 will be our master Capstone proposal.
Please help me! Any delay will prevent me from caching the semester of September because their application has a deadline.
NOTE: I put the number of references 1, BUT you are free to use whatever you need .

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