Operations & Supply Chain Management – Job Evaluation Process at Qatar Petroleum

Question sample:

Drawing upon either your own organisation (or previously worked for) or an organisation with which you are familiar, identify an area of activity and suggest how the current management of operations could be improved. It is important that you explain the area of activity and its purposes clearly by providing adequate information and contextual information of the chosen organisation. For the area of activity identified, define and critically evaluate suitable operational objectives or performance outcomes and suggest how the current management of the operations could be improved. It is important that you seek where possible to apply the various models, concepts, tools and techniques considered during the course. It is also important that you support your work by references and data (where applicable). The individual report to be submitted should be 3000 words 10%. Please do not exceed the limit, as penalties will be incurred. You must be concise in your efforts, but still convey the meaning to the reader.

Divide the assignment into two sections:

First section: analysis of the process that you selected this includes the three levels of analysis: {1} the supply chain of the organization; {2} the flow of resource between the operations within the organization; and {3} the flow or resource between the activities within the process you chosen. If you remember, the process is part of many processes in the particular operation/department within your organization. The process should be linked somehow to the supply chain of the organization procurement, production, logistics and all the parts in between.
In this part you should:
1. provide adequate contextual information of the chosen organisation about its supply chain (use the SC model from the textbook)

2. explain the area of activity (process) and its purpose in terms of objectives (remember push or pull demand) and performance (remember the five criteria see text book)

3. analyze the process break it down into the basic activities and provide the flow of resource and its utilization in terms of production units and resources used (labour, time etc.) in a map. I attach the ARAPU case study where we did process analysis to refresh your memory. Also check chapter 4 process analysis in the textbook for help on process mapping tools and calculation of throughput etc.

Second section: improvement
1. identify where the process shows waste, queues, delays etc. and in particular what issues are there that inhibit you to achieve the performance required by the customer (e.g. speedy delivery within planned x time etc.).

2. suggest solutions: these can be in the form of TQM techniques, JIT or lean or simpler solutions, by re-engineering the process activities. You may provide a map of the process as it would be if the solution was implemented (optional).
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