Operations Management About ( Volkswagen ) Automaker company

The course is OPERATION MANAGEMENT and the topic will be about ( Volkswagen )Automaker company
* Introduction :
– Operations Management function has the role of providing the required products or services in a way that satisfies the criteria imposed by the market. Efficient operation of this function is therefore important if the organization is to be successful. An understanding of the main operational tasks is an essential starting point in this process.

* Assignment :
a) define the principal operations tasks to satisfy these criteria
b) analyse the process strategies and procedures employed to ensure that these tasks
are carried out as effectively as possible.
The organization may not have an operations/production department defined in such terms, but it will still produce something for the use of somebody.
The report, excluding appendices, should be 3000 words +/- 10% in length. For your guidance, it will consist of:
a) An introduction in which you describe your organization and what you and your departments contribution is to the organization.
b) An accurate description of who the customers are – they may be external or internal – and what they expect from the output in terms of the broad market criteria discussed in the recommended text (Slack, Brandon-Jones & Johnston, 2013). From this, using the models in the text, you should be able to identify what the operations objectives are. This should then suggest the sort of process that ought to be operating. (The different process types and their ability to meet the range of operations objectives are explained at length in the module material).
c) You should then describe the process in these terms and explain how and why it helps or hinders in the achievement of the operations objectives i.e. its ability to supply a product which meets the customers needs. This is the essential analysis that shows your ability to apply the module content to your experience.
d) Having analysed the process, describe what changes you recommend to make and explain why these are necessary in terms of improving the ability to meet the operations objectives. You need to give some guidance on the feasibility of the changes, how they ought to be implemented, a cost benefit etc., etc., where these are possible given the case organization context.

* Assessment :
Your work will be assessed against the following criteria:
1. Knowledge Your work should show knowledge of the module content.
2. Understanding Your report should demonstrate an understanding of operations
3. Insight Your report should show an ability to analyse the operation in the light of the module content and your own reading.
4. Clarity Your report should be well structured and clearly presented.
You should include a short list of references to support your observations and assertions.
This assignment is intended to give you an opportunity to show that you are capable of applying your knowledge of operations management, not only in describing the issues faced by the organization, but also in explaining them and justifying your proposed actions to improve them. You are invited to review all the models and concepts that we have discussed.

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