NYC Self-selected category short essay

Pick an analytical category. (I already picked category gender, all reading related is in the uploads, also all reference must from reading)

As you complete the assigned readings for that category, think about this question: How did your self-selected analytical category affect the lives of the urban dwellers in the time period we are studying?

For example: If you picked the class category, complete all the assigned readings and then reflect on the question: How did class affect the lives of urban dwellers? (Urban dwellers could be those already present in the city and/or the newcomers, national or international).

Remember: Construct a thesis statement that reflects the way you are putting together (synthesizing) the information from all the readings in your self-selected analytical category (thesis statement: The main point *YOU* are trying to communicate). Then, in the body paragraphs, provide specific examples from assigned readings (assigned readings for this assignment: all readings posted in the category you select PLUS any other course sources previously assigned) in a way that substantiates your overall main point.

Provide specific examples and proper citations for earlier sources as well as the ones assigned for this reflection.

Discuss, Expand, Exemplify!

You will benefit from having watched BOTH Episodes Three (Sunshine and Shadow) and Four (The Power and the People) of the PBS documentary, New York: A Documentary Film.

In your essay, please make sure that you are:

addressing the prompt directly
using your own thesis statement
using all of the readings assigned to your self-selected category (as evidence – not as summary)
AND any additional sources that will help further validate your thesis.
choosing your sources and evidence wisely
I will be grading Assignment 5 submissions this week. If you have any questions, please post them in the General Questions DF. If you would like to set up an individual conference with me, please send me a quick email to set it up while I can still help you improve your grade. If you try to set up an individual conference with me in the last week of class I will still meet with you but it will probably not help your grade at that point (so close to the end).
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