nursing, CKD or ESCKD

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Description/Focus: Assessment Two – Case Study Analysis
Value: 40% of the total grade
Due Date: 2359 ACST
Friday, Week 12
Length: 3000 words excluding references
The student is required to present a case study and undertake a critical analysis of the chosen care.

You are required to:

Select a patient with CKD or ESCKD and address the following points for the chosen case:

Describe the presentation, biological, psychological and social aspects of the chosen case; (approx. 500 words)
Review current evidence in relation to the incidence and prevalence of CKD or ESCKD in both indigenous and non-indigenous Australians; (approx. 500 words)
Describe the anatomy and physiology of the chosen case\’s primary renal condition; (approx. 500 words) and
Critically evaluate the nursing treatments/interventions provided over a one week period (i.e. if the person is on haemodialysis than you are required to follow the person over 3 HD treatments). This section is to include the nursing responsibilities in relation to observations, monitoring and measuring the patient\’s response to nursing, medical and pharmacological interventions (this section is to be written in essay format and NOT as a table) (approx. 1500 words).
Assessment Criteria:
This task will be assessed against the following criteria:

90% of the overall mark will be allocated to the content eg. Comprehension of main concepts/definitions, use of appropriate literature, insight into your professional role and learning needs, and for addressing all of the above headings; and
10% of the overall mark will be allocated to legibility, referencing, spelling and grammar.
A more detailed list of Assessment Criteria are presented in the form of a HEA420 Marking Guide Assessment 2_Case Study

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