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Each student will complete a developmental Lifeline Project. On this line students will represent all the developmental milestones of their lives (1st steps, 1st date, retirement, etc.) and all the significant events that help shape their lives. It should cover birth to death, which should not occur prematurely. Milestones and events that students remember and deem significant should be placed on the life-line, but so should the early events students dont remember but know occurred, and future events that have not yet taken place, but reasonably could.

Students will display on parallel lines the stage theories of Freud, Erikson, and Piaget as the theorist believed their stages would manifest themselves. Each theorists stages should be displayed along the life-line in its proper chronological location so that it begins and ends where the theorist suggested it would. Don\’t try to make the theorist fit your life, or your life fit the theorist.
Students should pick some events and/or stages to compare and contrast in brief analyses, or complete brief explorations as to the significance of events or stages.
Students can amend, adorned, or otherwise enhance their life-lines in any way that makes their projects more interesting, or more illuminating.


Your assignment will be graded based on this rubric.
Lifeline Project Rubric
100 possible points
4 points
3 points
Met minimums
2 points
1 point
Required Elements
–/60 points
The lifeline included all required elements as well as a few additional elements.
(60 points)
The lifeline included all required elements and one additional element.
(45 points)
The lifeline included all required elements.
(30 points)
One or more required elements was missing from The lifeline.
(15 points)
Clarity and Neatness
–/40 points
The lifeline is easy to read and all elements are clearly written or labeled.
(40 points)
The lifeline is easy to read and most elements are clearly written or labeled.
(30 points)
The lifeline is not created in a way that is easy to read.
(20 points)
The lifeline is hard to read and one cannot tell what goes where.
(10 points)

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