Multidiscipline Project – Statistics assignment

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Multidiscipline Project – Statistics assignment
The overall objective of the Multidiscipline project is to create a digital campaign that promotes health and fitness via the improvement of physical and psychological well-being.
The Statistical Analysis will therefore aim to support this overall project objective by providing results on how to best present these promotional messages.
The objective of the Statistical analysis istherefore to assess and improve the impact of the presentation of these promotional messages.
You will therefore have to
1. Gather data to assess the impact of the presentation of these promotional messages on your target audience.
2. Analyse the data to identify weaknesses in the impact of the presentation of these promotional messages on your target audience.
3. Use the results of your analysis to improve the presentation of these promotional messages for your target audience.
So in Statistical terms you will need to carry out a Survey where you will need to identify a Sample of Cases and where for each case you will need to measure the values of a number of Variables and analyse these variable Values across all of the cases in order to achieve your objective.A few variables will be required to identify fixed features of your presentation medium butthe majority of variables will be the Questions on the survey and the variable values will be the case Responses to the survey questions.
Sample of Cases
It is therefore important that you gather data on a representative sample of your target audience and that the sample is of an adequate size. The sample of cases to be analysed should therefore ideally be a random selection of females in the defined age range and should contain no less than 30 individuals.
The variables to be measured must be such that they help you assess the impact of the presentation of the promotional messages. The variables will be defined for you and provided to you before you start to gather the data.
You will then need to analyse these variable values across the sample of cases in order to understand how effective the presentation of the promotional messages has been e.g. by graphing the data, producing summary statistical measures of the data etc. This means that you will have to enter the data into an Excel spread-sheet. The format of the Excel spread-sheet will be defined for you and provided to you before you start to gather the data.
Finally you will need to produce a report of at least 1500 words and no more than 3000 words summarising this statistical exercise and your analysis and findings this should include a one page Summary, details of the Analysis and finally the Conclusions.

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