Market Orientation

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The purpose of this assignment is to analyse the marketing orientation or lack of it, in an education organisation (e.g. a school, university etc.). Please include:

1. An introduction defining market orientation and describing the need for a market orientation. Distinguish between marketing and market orientation. Use texts, journal articles and other materials to set the ground work for the report.

2. (Least important) A brief description or profile of the organisation (or the section of the organisation) you are going to analyse and the extent to which it is market orientated.

3. (MORE IMPORTANT) A measure market orientation in your organisation. Outline the various approaches to measuring market orientation. Select an approach that you feel will best measure your organisations market orientation.

4. An analysis and discussion of the degree of market orientation.

5. A assessment of any link between the degree of market orientation and the performance of the organisation (this maybe a subjective assessment based on school growth, image, enrolment trends, resources, student performance, or staff and parent satisfaction).

6. An outline or assessment of the barriers to market orientation in your organisation.

7. A recommendation of a course of action which might result from the above analysis.

Please keep in mind that the education institution you choose must be an Australian one.

Use headings/sub-headings to make the research paper clear and easy to follow

Please kindly proof-read after finishing.

Use only academic journals/books when referencing. I will also upload some useful resources for your reference.
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