Managing information and communication in a primary care and health environment

Word Count 2500 – 3000

Task 1
The ability to identify, investigate and formulate solutions to a problem or issue is a key aspect of managing any organisation involved in Healthcare. Furthermore, the ability to present your investigation and convince others in a compelling way that they should adopt your recommendations is highly desirable.
Produce a short structured management report in a recognised format, which identifies a communication issue within your own organisation or between your organisations various stakeholders that could be improved. Your report should cover:
The identification of a complex issue/problem.
The sources of information used and the reason for their selection.
An interpretation and evaluation of relevant information.
Conclusions drawn from the information and recommendation for action.
(NB. This list should not be taken as the recommended report headings) (AC 1.1, 1.2)

Task 2
Effective communication with patients is key to the Government\’s plans for taking
healthcare in the UK forward. Sharing information with patients can be a
positive experience but equally there can be barriers to effective communication.
Consider the stakeholders below:
ethnic groups
disability groups.
a) Analyse the barriers and challenges faced within your organisation when communicating with these stakeholders.
(If your organisation does not engage with a stakeholder listed, another stakeholder group may be selected). (AC 2.2)
b) Evaluate current communication methods and strategies used to engage with these stakeholders and propose a communication strategy to overcome the barriers and challenges analysed in Task 2 a). (AC 2.1, 2.3)

Task 3
Managing conflict and negotiation are a part of everyday life.
a) Identify three situations where negotiation would be appropriate and why. (AC 3.1)
b) Analyse the characteristics of a successful negotiator. (AC 3.2)
c) Kenneth Thomas & Ralph Kilmann introduced five ways of dealing with conflict. Using a recognised conflict resolution model or theory, evaluate when it is appropriate to use the model/theory when negotiating. (AC 3.3)
d) Recommend strategies for making negotiation successful. (AC 3.4)


I will upload additional resource files to assist this assignment including specific information relating to the specific organisation.
I will also upload the assessment criteria that must be adhered to also.
100% of trusted internet sources is acceptable
Deadline cannot be extended
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