Management Report: Develop a Strategy for an Organisation Doing Business in Europe

The company is considering expanding its business to the EU. The company wants to expand its manufacturing and distribution plant to Europe as well as sell it products in the EU market. It has been their ambition for the last 5 years to expand through the process of internationalization. They believe that EU would be an ideal destination for this expansion.

You are a group of consultants who have been asked by the company to assess the situation and provide advice to the company.

Evaluate the business environment of the EU as a suitable destination for your business to set up its operation and recommend an articulated sustainable business strategy for the implementation and operation of this business in Europe.
We have chosen a CHINESE HERBAL TEA DRINK AS OUR COMPANY. Please find attached in detail about the coursework. I will also be sharing more fiels about the company itself.
ALSO YOU WHEN YOU SEE THE ATTACHED GUIDELINE, YOU ONLY NEED TO ANSWER QUESTION 3, (3 countries) So you dont have to worry about writing introduction, conclusion , etc. Just go straight into the body with information, using graphs, tables, etc. Also thinking about each countries institutional policies of EU, economic, political, social, infrastructural differences among the three countries, etc. You can find full detail in the attached file. Please check it carefully!

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