Manageing strategic marketing activities

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You need choose a company as an example to write a report which covers all the following points:

1. Understand a strategic plan.
a. What is strategic marketing?
b. What is strategic marketing plan of it in one of the target countries?
c. What are the theories used in determining the suitability of the chosen market for the organization? (hand in a soft copy)
d. What are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of acquisition into a market and what do you think would be the best option for it?
2. Evaluate a market and develop a strategic marketing plan.
a. Describe the chosen market answering the following questions:
1. Who are our target consumers within the chosen market?
2. What do they want, need or desire?
3. How is it going to launch its products within the chosen market?
4. Why should they buy our products, what is the unique value proposition, in other words what is in it for the customer?
5. Explain the 4PS and how it will be used to in launching in a new market?
6. Prepare a check-list, which will evaluate the success of your marketing plan to be handed in as a soft copy.
3. Manage the market plan
a. Show a clear understanding of the risk associated with the marketing plan
b. Make some further suggestions where appropriate

1. Understand strategic marketing
To show evidence, students will be able to
a. Understand the concept of strategic marketing
b. Understand the factors which affect strategic marketing
c. Understand strategic marketing theories
d. Analyse the strategies in evaluating strategic marketing
e. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different marketing strategies

2. Evaluate a market and develop a strategic marketing plan
To show evidence, students will be able to
a. Thoroughly understand and describe a particular market
b. Identify a specific niche in a market
c. Identify the type of media needed for this marketing plan and how best to exploit this media
d. Demonstrate they understand what is required in a marketing plan
e. Design a detailed marketing plan which lays out the necessary steps and strategies
f. Understand the costs entailed in a marketing strategy and budget accordingly
g. Design and develop a list of criteria for how to evaluate the success of a strategy

3. Manage the marketing plan
To show evidence, students will be able to
a. Understand how a marketing strategy may change through unexpected factors
b. Be aware of the challenges faced in implementing a new marketing strategy
c. Demonstrate they can adapt their strategy as necessary
Evaluate the success of a strategy and devise follow-up ideas/approaches
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