Linking Mobile Health Applications for Arthritic Conditions to AIR Using FHIR

Topic: Linking Mobile Health Applications for Arthritic Conditions to AIR Using FHIR

FHIR – Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources

AIR – The Arthritis Internet Registry

This paper should be no less than 11,000 words, not including references section and appendices.

Please see uploaded Guidelines.docx for paper requirements and outline. A brief summary review for this paper will be in the uploaded documents named SummaryReview.pdf. Please base this paper on what has already been written in the SummaryReview.pdf and the questions listed below.

This paper must have at least 40-45 referenced citations. Please select articles from or within the uploaded documents for this Thesis paper. This paper must be in APA format.

*The following questions should be addressed in the body of this paper 1. What are your personal and professional goals for this project? 2. Give a detailed description of your project. 3. What is the purpose of your project? 4. Who is the target audience of your project? (Be specific) 5. State your expected outcomes or deliverables of this project. 6. State expected timeline of your project. Be sure to include benchmark times that can be checked by faculty advisor. 7. Projected resources and or sources of information you will need to complete the project successfully. 8. Strategies of assessment and or usability studies. Detail how you plan on determining the success of this project. 9. What new information do you think you will gain by doing this project?
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