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Word Limit: Assignment 1500-2000 words. Note that your emphasis should not be on length but rather on clarity and precision of thought and expression. You must indicate the length of the assignment on your paper. Word count not recorded – Students will be penalized 2 marks for failing to record the correct word count on the cover sheet or assignment. Word count exceeded – Students will be penalized 1 mark for each 100 words (or part thereof after the first 100 words) above the 1,500-2000 word limit. Style Guide: include footnotes or endnotes and a bibliography. These are not included in calculating the papers word length (unless the footnote is used for extremely long passages of text that may run the risk of circumventing the word limit). Referencing for all Law assignments must be based on the following Australian Guide to Legal Citation (latest edition) University of Melbourne. ( Marking Schedule: a marking sheet is attached. Marks will be primarily awarded for content, analysis and reasoning (based on sound research) but expression, grammar and spelling, presentation and form will also be taken into account (especially where such detracts from the strength of the argument/analysis). Regard shall be had to the following criteria: 1. Demonstrated familiarity with the relevant law and policies (based on sound research); 2. Evaluation of arguments/critical analysis of the relevant law and policies (based on sound research); 3. Development of argument (based on sound research); 4. Structure and organisation; 5. Originality; 6. Quality of expression, spelling, grammar, and punctuation; and 7. Referencing and bibliography. Structure: While there is always a place for creativity in answering the questions set, somewhere towards the early part of the answer, there should be an outline/summary/statement of your argument/answer to the question in a nutshell. (Where a question includes a quotation to be analysed, ensure that you address the nub of the quotation in all aspects of
the assignment). The assignment should also typically include: brief statement of the law/development or change proposal/development; analysis (eg what was/is the change meant to achieve and why; has it achieved/is it likely to achieve that goal; is it too early to tell; what does the case law and scholarly analysis tell us?) The conclusion ought to consist of a summary showing how your analysis supports your opinions/deductions. It is significant to note that good research supports good analysis. Headings may also be useful. For the problem section of the question, the IRAC (issue, rule, apply, conclude) technique may be useful. Research Skills: Please refer to Milne, S & Tucker, K, A Practical Guide to Legal Research, latest edition, Law Book Company. You will note from the schedule for the course, that the lecturer takes students through research databases and methodologies that are relevant to the assignment, also. It is important to attend that class as it is important to attend most classes. Policy on Plagiarism

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