Kennewick Man

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Your paper will respond to one of the following five topics:

Who owns the past? Archaeologists and American Indians in the United States and Canada have frequently differed with archaeologists over the disposition and control of American Indian skeletons. Consider either Kennewick Man or another controversial skeleton. What are the major American Indian perspectives about this subject? There may be several. What positions are taken by scientists in the debate? What is the role of the government? Is there any important legislation involved?

Who Owns the Past?

My paper will focus on who I believe owns the past. Archaeologist and American Indians have different views on the disposition and control of American Indian skeletons. I will discuss the Kennewick man controversy.
1. Who owns the past: I would like to state opinion if allowed. I will argue that NAGPRA needs to be updated as we move into the future and are discovering new artifacts.
2. Major American Indian perspectives: bones are sacred, research damages remains, bones should be returned for healing, archeologist should work with Indians and combine their Indian oral history with science (archeologist non-Indian),
3. Positions taken by scientists: Bones needed for science, science is necessary to determine past, science is not religious, bones are too old to determine tribal owners, may not be Native American, new DNA studies have concluded Kennewick man is Native American
4. Role of Government: Establish ownership to the bones and whether they can be kept to be studied or buried without study
5. Important legislation involved: NAGPRA-repatriation of bones, re burial, laws on burial sites, WIIN Act 2016,

Stylistic Requirements.

6 page minimum; no maximum. 12 point standard font (i.e. Times New Roman, Arial, or similar). Double spaced.
5 peer-reviewed sources from professional journals or professional books minimum.
Use inline citations and a works cited page at the end of your document. For example: Snow notes that Anatomically Modern Humans originated in Africa over 100,000 years ago. (Snow:28) American Indians may not have arrived in the continental United States until about 15,000 years ago, traveling from Asia via the Bering Land Bridge (Snow:35), but the author points out that other migration routes, such as across the Atlantic Ocean are not theoretically impossible. (Snow:56).
Respond to each problem thoroughly and completely. Make sure you answer the question, and be sure to cover each of the items in the essay prompt. Write in complete sentences and use paragraph form.
pls spll chk & dont spk in txt msgs or leet-speek. i hate 2 read crp lik ths lol 😛
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