Choose one or more response questions to complete for your Response Journal. Make sure you label your work Lesson 6: Response Journal Entry. You will include this entry in your portfolio.
Response Journals

A response journal is exactly what it sounds like. You write a page in which you respond to a piece of literature that interested you from the readings for the lesson. There are many things you can write about. You can express your opinion, or compare the literature to something that has happened in your own life. You can write about specific language or imagery that impressed you, or you can mention some of the difficulties you experienced in reading the literature.
Writing prompt to answer:
Do you agree or disagree with Miltons statement (quoted in The Great Divorce): Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven? Explain why.

Response Journal Writing Guide

Use this guide to help you know exactly what you need to include in your response journals to make them effective. This also gives you a clear picture of how you will be graded on the assignment.
% How you will be graded on this assignment
70% Ideas and Content
1. Respond to something you have read or experienced in the course so far.
2. Make a connection between your life and whatever it is that impressed you in the literature. Remember SPECIFIC, CONCRETE DETAILS.
3. Be concise and avoid being wordy just to extend the length of your response, but develop your ideas appropriately.
30% Other Writing Elements
1. Check for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical issues.
2. Do your best with word choice and sentence fluency.
3. It is organized in a logical way that leads the reader smoothly through the essay.
4. Your personality is portrayed in your writers voice.
These response journal should be about a page. Dont count words, but make sure you delve into the subject sufficiently without going on too long.
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