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Part B Your Most and Least Successful Leadership Experiences
1. See the two questionsbelow, B 1 and B 2. Together they comprise aself-assessment on your best and worst leadership moments,
2. Complete Parts B 1 and B 2 by explaining in 500-800 words in each case, what your most and least successful leadership experiences were,
3. It is important to be honest with yourself, making a pretenceof any kind will not assist you to identify your errors and improve on them,
4. Include an appropriate amount of detail to make your experiences as clear to the reader as possible.
Self-Assessment of Your Best and Worst Leadership Moments
(This part of the assignment was adapted from Hackman, M. and Johnson, C. (2009), Leadership A Communication Perspective,5th Ed., Waveland Press.)
Part B 1 ( I choose HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum the ruler of Dubai )
Everyone has enjoyed leadership success at some point. At some time whether within the family, high school, KU situations, on the athletic field, in a community or religious group or in a work situation we have all made things happen by motivating and activating other people. We have all been leaders to a greater or lesser extent.
Looking back over the last few years, what is the experience that you are most proud of as a leader?
Part B 2 ( you can make a story from your own imagination about for example from high school her name ( khawla ) Diractor of my school )
Just as all of us have enjoyed success, weve also experienced the pain of leadership failure. Learning to be a leader requires looking back and learning from past mistakes so that you dont repeat the errors.
Looking back over the last few years, what is the experience that disappointed you the most in your own leadership at that time.
Part C Leadership Lessons
1. In this part, list 10 leadership features that you have learned so far from your best and worst experiences. To reach 10 items, you may also use features that you have learned from others situations.
These are examples, and so you may not use them for yourself:
It is difficult to succeed as a leader when followers are not motivated,
Leadership works best when you have a clear sense of direction.
2. Describe each item from 1-10 so that they are clear to the reader. This may take one, or even two to three sentences in each case.

( all if this MUST not be a PLAGIARISM and not copy from the internet )
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