In Saint Augustine\’s \”City of God\”, the Church found a blueprint of sorts for how Humanity was going to progress in the aftermath of the Roman Empire

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Hint, this question is about looking forward from the time of Augustine. Examples that deal with the Roman Republic or the first four hundred years of the Roman Empire (until about 410 CE/AD) are not applicable for obvious reasons. DO NOT USE PRIMARY SOURCES DEALING WITH THE ROMANS! This question is asking you to talk about the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period, not the Romans themselves.

You must begin your essay with \”I agree with the statement…\”,
or, \”I disagree with the statement…\”,
or, \”I partially agree with the statement…\”.
You must defend your position using at least TWO PRIMARY SOURCE references from the Perry Text Book for each position paper. If you are not certain what a primary source is, re-read the prologue/introduction to Perry. A primary source is NOT what the editor, Perry, writes about the material. The primary sources are those sources which were originally written near the time period in question.Each paper should make a few clear points with specific, referenced primary source evidence from the Perry text (other sources are NOT acceptable, you are being graded on your mastery of Perry). A simple parenthetical reference of the primary source\’s ORIGINAL author\’s name, and page number from Perry is fine. Example – (Suetonius, p103)

REFERENCE: Perry, Sources of The Western Tradition Vol.1 From Ancient Times To The Enlightment
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