In a recent ITAM Advisory Board meeting, the Board members encouraged the ITAM faculty to incorporate more interaction with businesses and workplace settings. Why?

In a recent ITAM Advisory Board meeting, the Board members encouraged the ITAM faculty to incorporate more interaction with businesses and workplace settings.  Why?  They cited these reasons:to give students experience in the real world of business and the workplace environmentto provide students with realistic expectations and insights in their chosen fieldto gain insights into real administrative and business problemsto add realism to the ITAM curriculum Many of you taking this class are in the ITAM department.  The ITAM Department has four specializations:  Network Administration, Web and Database Administration, Retail Management and Technology plus corresponding minors.   Some of you are from difference majors such as Accounting, Economics, Communication, Law and Justice, Construction Management, and other university majors. This final visitation project asks you to do what the Advisory Board has requested:  visit a contemporary office, business, department, workplace setting, or similar business entity related directly to your major, minor, or personal interest.  Upon completion of this visitation, you will be able to…observe and describe a workplace environment related to your major or minor field.interview an administrative manager/supervisor and report your findings.provide an analysis of and reaction to your visit.1.2.Schedule a visit to a business, department, office, or similar workplace setting to your major, minor or personal interest. 3.Complete the questionnaire on pages 2-3 of this assignment and include in your memo as a heading.  You may combine one or two items where it makes sense.  Make sure the font in questionnaire matches with the font throughout the rest of your memo!  Do not use the assignment template footer in your memo; use the memo format you have learned throughout the quarter. 4.Write a two-page memo detailing to your visit, and include the questionnaire and answers at the end, under its own heading.  5.Key terms from the book.6.Due:  The due date is listed on the Course Calendar.  NO LATE PAPERS!  

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