Implementing sustainability

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The following Learning Outcomes and Key Skills will be assessed:

Knowledge and Understanding

a) Demonstrate a detailed knowledge and understanding of sustainable development
and the need for strategic responses and the challenges of environment and development.
b) Evaluate current practices of sustainable development principles and strategies.
c) Assess national level strategic planning frameworks and be able to build on the existing processes and strategies towards the future needs.

Subject Specific

d) Critically appraise steps in starting and improving strategies for sustainable development.
e) Assess the roles of stakeholders in strategic planning.
f) Analyse approaches to sustainable development around the world against the international development targets and also organising tasks towards strategic planning in a given country.
g) Critically develop and assess participatory methods in strategic planning for sustainable development.

Key Skills

h) Deal with complex issues systematically and creatively, addressing interacting factors
i) Critically synthesise and evaluate complex information, concepts and theories to produce modified hypotheses
j) Exercise initiative and personal responsibility with autonomy and make sound judgements

Presentation of the Assignment

All answers must be printed or typed on sheets of A4 paper.
Present answers in clear English with a good standard of grammar.
When answering questions requiring calculations and data presentation, remember to:
– present your answer clearly;
– include all steps in a calculation;
– use SI units;
– give your answers to an appropriate number of significant figures;
– give all graphs, tables and diagrams a title;
– clearly label axes on graphs.
It is essential that all work that is not your own is referenced (see Plagiarism below)
The Study Skills Guide details an acceptable method of referencing.
Where reference is made to legislation, guidelines and principles, state the full name and date.
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