If you have a program that provides you with a letter grade and you want to do something specific for each grade given, what type of statement should you use?

QUESTION 1 If you have a program that provides you with a letter grade and you want to do something specific for each grade given, what type of statement should you use? For example, your program would ask for a letter grade (i.e. A,B,etc.). Given this grade, you would then say \”You have an A\”. Provide the code that would do this.     QUESTION 2 Give an example of an if statement     QUESTION 3 What are the differences between a string and a char data type. Give an example of each.     QUESTION 4 What is a class?     QUESTION 5 What is the difference between = and ==     QUESTION 6 How would you fix the following  int x = 5; if(x % 5) { System.out.println(\”Hello\”); }     QUESTION 7 Given an array of strings, how would you check to see if a slot is empty or already filled?     QUESTION 8 What are the differences between a while and a do..while loop?     QUESTION 9 What is a method?     QUESTION 10 Which data types can hold the following value : 3.14     QUESTION 11 Given an array of 1000 values, how would you find the length of this array and the value of it\’s 330th member?     QUESTION 12 Identify the three pieces of a for loop     QUESTION 13 Give an example of a for loop     QUESTION 14 Write a program that asks for a listing of 10 dollar amounts. Given these dollar amounts, you will need your program to output the highest value, lowest value, and average value entered.  QUESTION 15 How man times would the following run: int x = 2; do{ System.out.println(\”Hello\”) } while(x<3);     QUESTION 16 Given the boolean variable doorStatus, what are two ways you can check to see if this variable is equal to false.     QUESTION 17 How man times would the following run int x = 2; while(x<3) { System.out.println(\"Hello\"); x-- x*=2 }     QUESTION 18 If you have a program that gives you a final grade percentage (i.e. 93, 85,etc.) and you need to determine what letter grade someone receives (i.e. an A, B, etc.). What type of statement would you use given the usual 90-100 = A, 80-89 = B, etc. grading scale. Provide the code that would do this.     QUESTION 19 What is the difference between an if..else statement and an if..else if..else statement (specifically in regards to how things are evaluated)?     QUESTION 20 Create an array of strings that would contain 10 names. Identify each of the pieces of this array.     QUESTION 21 Why will the following not run:  public void main() { int x ,y; x = x/y System.out.println(x); }     QUESTION 22 Give an example of an if..else if..else statement     QUESTION 23 How would you fix the following:  public void main() { double x = 4.50; x = printNum(x); }  public int printNum(int num) { num-- return num }     QUESTION 24 What are two ways to loop through an array? What is the big difference between the two?     QUESTION 25 Write a program that outputs Fizz as long as a number is divisible by 3. If the number is divisible by 5 , output Buzz. If divisible by 3 and 5, output FizzBuzz.     QUESTION 26 What happens if you don\'t include a break statement in a switch statement?     QUESTION 27 What would the following print:  public void main() { int x,y,z; x=3; x--; x*= 3; x = z; x++; z *= x; z = x; System.out.println(x); System.out.println(z); }     QUESTION 28 What is the difference between declaring a variable and initializing a variable?     QUESTION 29 Write a program that assists in helping a doctor maintain their patient list. At this practice, a doctor can only have 10 patients at a time. A patient has a name, age, gender, primary condition(description), and smoking status. Your program should prompt the doctor on whether they want to see their list of patients (name only), see their list of patients (full description), add a patient to the list, remove a patient from the list, or exit the program.  QUESTION 30 How would you write a loop that counted down from 10 backwards.     QUESTION 31 Give an example of a switch statement 

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