Identify three likely community problems present in this community.

Community as Client: Assessment and Analysis
Alan T. is a public health nurse and a member of a committee assigned to assess the health care needs of aging baby boomers in Duxbury County. Alan and his committee are aware that as the “baby-boomer population” ages, health care professionals must prepare for a rapid increase in the number of people older than 65 years of age. The committee’s purpose is to make suggestions to the health department and county officials about how to prepare for the influx in health services that will be needed for these older adults.

Currently, 25% of the population in Duxbury County is older than age 65 years. However, in 25 years this percentage is expected to increase to more than 50%. Currently, five primary care providers are practicing in the county, and service waiting lists range from 1 to 3 weeks; only one of these providers specializes in geriatric care. A single 54-bed long-term nursing care facility is located in the northern region of the county. Because of several factors, including the population density in rural areas is too low to support transportation; no formal public transit system is in place. However, residents can call a hospital shuttle if they need to arrange transportation to a doctor’s appointment.
1.Identify three likely community problems present in this community.
Make separate paragraph for each problem, and include interventions for each identified problem. Include supporting rationale, and outcomes you hope to achieve for each intervention, include supporting rationale.

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