identify suitable (evidence-based) contemporary HRD approaches for supporting workplace inclusion and diversity,

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Individual case study (3,000 words)

A case study will be provided on the learning hub for this course related to an organization currently challenged by strategic human resource development issues. This case study will require you to incorporate the relevant literature and concepts from this subject. In your report, you will need to analyze and identify the key issues and provide evidencebased recommendations and strategy as to how these issues may be addressed. The case study document will provide more details on the particular requirements and assessment criteria for this report. Linked CLOs: 18Assessment criteriaThe key issues for the organization are identifiedAnalysis and synthesis of relevant HRD literature.Ideas and assertions substantiated through use of highquality reference material and key academic perspectives/views have been usedExplicit linking of the literature to address the issuesAppropriate (and practicable) recommendations and strategy are proposedAppropriate Harvard style referencing (intext and list of references )Clear and comprehensively written style (spelling, grammar, syntax, etc.)

Individual case study (40%, 3,000 words). To be submitted by 9pm Friday 9th June through Turnitin.
The recently published Victorian Emergency Management Strategic Action Plan (EMV 2016b) provides an updated three year plan for delivering on the all communities, all emergencies approach adopted by the sector. Emergency Management Victoria (EMV) is required by legislation to maintain a rolling action plan outlining the sectors strategic priorities and corresponding actions to achieve the vision of safer and more resilient communities.
EMVs strategic action plan sets out priorities across four areas: communities and business, people and culture, governance, and services and systems. There is considerable concern that the Victorian emergency services lack diversity and have developed a culture that is less inclusive of staff or volunteers from diverse backgrounds. This has been identified as a key issue for the sector (EMV 2016b; O\’Byrne 2015). Emergency Management Victoria (EMV) has recently published an inclusion and diversity framework (EMV 2016a) to help address these issues. The framework outlines the case for tackling inclusion and diversity, and identifies the desired strategic outcomes.
The 2015 Victorian Fire Services Review (O\’Byrne 2015) observed that:
A more respectful and inclusive environment is also essential to encourage diversity within the fire services. The fire services must make a genuine and public commitment to understanding and addressing the very real barriers to diversity that currently exist in their organisations and act on it (p. 2).
Recommendation 7: The Review recommends that the fire services take the lead in advancing the sectors collective effort to increase diversity in the sector, through making a genuine and public commitment to understanding and addressing harassment and discriminatory practices and behaviours in their organisations, and launching a process for doing so (p.32).
EMVs (2016a) inclusion and diversity framework outlined four areas for intervention under the headings of lead, listen and learn, act to create opportunity, and be accountable.
You have been asked by EMV to develop a human resource development (HRD) strategy to address these issues of inclusion and diversity over the next 10 years. It is anticipated that the plan provides more detail for the first three years and an outline for remaining seven years. Your report should focus on one of the Victorian fire services (i.e., Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) or Country Fire Authority (CFA)) and it is envisaged that it will:
identify suitable (evidence-based) contemporary HRD approaches for supporting workplace inclusion and diversity,
recommend and briefly describe a suitable HRD program to support the proposed inclusion and diversity strategy,
provide a brief implementation plan for your recommendations, and
outline how the effectiveness of your proposed HRD program will be monitored and evaluated.
Dr Noreen Krusel from the Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council (AFAC) will discuss the challenges of inclusion and diversity for the emergency services during one of our seminars in the later part of the semester.
EMV 2016a, The emergency management diversity and inclusion framework, Emergency Management Victoria, Melbourne.
—- 2016b, Victorian emergency management strategic action plan: Update #1 2016-2019, Emergency Management Victoria, Melbourne.
O\’Byrne, D 2015, Report of the Victorian Fire Services Review, Victorian Department of Justice and Regulation, Melbourne.
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