Identify community need(White Marsh,Baltimore, MD) provide epidemiology and statistical data supporting choice(CDC, Vital records etc).Conduct Literature reviews of issue. List present available resources and recommendations for implementing plan of care.

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Identified community need: description of the need based on data collected from a windshield survey, interview of an assisted living facility staff (Woodlands Assisted Living in Middle River, Baltimore)
Epidemiology of the community need: statistical data supporting the choice (can be presented as a table). You can find this data by accessing such sites as Healthy People 2020, the CDC, the US Census Bureau, and Vital Statistics, which were presented in Weeks 2 and 3.
Literature review: Summarize the findings from the literature that provide evidence on how to address the community need (do not list each article individually, synthesize the findings). Explain the research data which supports your program (based on examples of the studies you read about).
Identification of available resources: List the resources you found during your windshield survey, and agency visit that are currently available and that address this need. What is the rationale for a new program if one already exists? Explain what gaps in services have been identified.
Recommendations: Based on the information from the data you collected, and the identified community resources, what recommendations would you make for implementing a community plan of care?
There has been cases of assault, burglary, theft and robbery in the area, not sure if this can tiger a need; but I am not sure if the population involved (perpetrators) have a high percentage of residency in the White Marsh area. Thanks
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