Identify by name and location and research a Long Term Care Facility that had a regulatory deficiency.

Identify by name and location and research a Long Term Care Facility that had a regulatory deficiency. Kids Behavioral Health, Montana
-What was the deficiency? It was found by another incident which involved an assault of a minor who was staying there for psychological issues. During the investigation it was found that the organization did not increase staff numbers to properly monitor and treat recently admitted patients with aggressive behaviors leaving other patients vulnerable. The environment also led to the inappropriate restraint and seclusion of many youth. That violates §483.364- Monitoring of the resident in and immediately after seclusion
-How was the deficiency addressed by the facility? Their was an investigation by the Montana Advocacy Program, Department of Health. After the investigation was complete, a list of recommendations were made, KBH was ordered to change some of its policies.
Were there any penalties involved? I could not find any specific penalties such as monetary or job loss.
Article 2, CON
A. From the map choose a state that has CON regulations. Illinois
B. From that state, identify a hospital/ health system that had project review by CON. MercyRockford Health System
C. Describe the project and the outcome of the CON process. MercyRockford Health System plans to create one hospital on two campuses in Rockford, enhancing access and health care services for the Rockford community. It is still in review by the board and if approved, construction is expected to start later this year.

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