identify and characterization of entomopathogenic bacteria from entomopathogenic nematode.

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Dear writer please read the instructions in 3 pages carefully
I need a research proposal must be written by specialized professional in agriculture studies as I expected you are, with 10 peer-reviewed articles (must be recent) , I will upload PDF as an example of proposal which I have been given by my institution to be followed exactly in terms of citation, formatting, flow, formal language, figures, etc. . Additionally I will write my instructions below to explain what I need you to do. My attachments will be named as follow so please read them carefully, note that please each sentence must be referenced otherwise my institution will consider it as plagiarism EVEN THE graphs or tables so please consider this point and I trust you to do it very well.
1- PDF, ( example of proposal )
2- PDF rubric
3- Word Document1 of instructions
4- Word Document2,( form of research proposal )
Thank you in advanced,
From 1 to 6 each sentence must be cited
1- The title must be this Isolation of entomopathogenic bacteria from entomopathogenic nematode and its activity
2- The objective must cover the following subjects according to the pdf rubric file and the pdf example ,

? To isolate, identify and characterization of entomopathogenic bacteria from entomopathogenic nematode.
? To perform the bioassay with the isolated bacterial strain to study its insecticidal activity
? To study the other agricultural applications like PGPR, antifungal and antibacterial activity of the isolates.
3- material methods must be valid ( accurate) and reliable ( repeatable)
4- The research proposal must be started with very clear introduction and clear thesis statement which can give a summary of my research objectives , with general sentences ( cited) in the beginning of the introduction ( short not more than 100 words)
5- content list must be included
6- 2 graphs or figures , tables must be included
7- Conclusion no citation just please make it as a summary of all the work , and I need a prediction or recommendation in the end of the conclusion (150-180 words)

These are the extra requirement which must be followed as well
This assignment will require students to complete a proposal that draws together the practical and ethical considerations necessary to undertake a research project in your chosen scientific discipline. This will help students in their future research, because they will:
convince the assessor that the research is worthwhile and they are the appropriate investigator to undertake it successfully;
be well aware of previous and current work in the area through a critical review of previous literature to identify the gaps in knowledge and formulate appropriate research question(s);
have considered the social and ethical implications of their research, including relevant legislation, data management provisions and/or occupational health and safety as applicable to their discipline; and have a sound workable and achievable research methodology that includes a realistic timeline and considers contingency plans to ensure a successful project.

As well as preparing for a research project, this assignment may help to request funds for projects in academic and industrial environments (e.g., a request to management for a new project). It will also ensure that you have a research project that is feasible for the standard of degree that students seek.

Use the modified version of the Australian Research Council\’s application form, please do not reformat it.
For the approach and methodology section, you should consider items such as the data gathering process (if applicable), the experimental design and controls, appropriate methods for the analysis and presentation of the data, such as particular statistical methods. Ultimately, you should propose a project that is ready to go.

Assessment requirements must be followed as well .
1. Background and aims, significance and innovation (20 marks): The background must be thorough, and aims well-articulated and linked to a gap the literature. There must be clear and measureable outcomes. The significance and innovation must be clearly demonstrated, with compelling demonstration of the likely outcomes.
2. Approach and methodology (40 marks): The approach and methodology must be clearly articulated, with a purposeful design to the research, appropriate methods for the question at-hand and within the norms of the discipline, and contingency plans in place to allow for a successful outcome.
3. Research ethics and societal impact (20 marks): There must be a clear articulation of the research ethics, legislative requirements, occupational health and safety, and/or data management and sharing implications of this research. This should be in the form of an impact statement, and must demonstrate a risk analysis approach..
4. Structure and style (20 marks): The proposal must adhere to strict specifications, with each section completed in full. The overall structure should be clearly signposted, with an identifiable structure within each paragraph and connection between paragraphs. The students must adopt a formal and consistent scientific writing style, using appropriate syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. References must be integrated into the text, should be compared and contrasted, and use an appropriate referencing style (Chicago) and prominence (author or information).
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