How have scholars researched this issue (e.g. what methods have they used)?

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Topic: \”State Instability in North Korea\”.

– Here is the description of the task and please answer thru this question in the essay:

1. Why is this issue critical?

2. What does scholarly research tell us about this issue (i.e. what research has been done before on this issue).

3. How have scholars researched this issue (e.g. what methods have they used)?

4. What dont we know (e.g. from your reading of literature in the area what are questions still to be answered)?

5. How might we go about finding out more? You can answer this with reference to 3).

– As a rough guide you should incorporate:

a) Two of the thinkers and their theories referred to during the semester (e.g. Foucault on governmentality, Bourdieu on social value, Agha on cultural reproduction, Wallerstein on scale, etc).

b) Twelve written texts (e.g. a combination of online newspaper reports, blogs, twitter feeds, NGO reports). Some of your texts can be in your first language as long as you offer the original text and a translation in your presentation. Remember to take details of this source so that you can accurately list this source in your list of references.

c) Twelve scholarly articles/chapters on the topic.

– Here is the instruction, you must follow this:

1. Introduction
This section will include your topic, why it is important or critical, your argument, and how you will proceed.

2. How do we think about this topic in general
This section is where you would discuss thinkers such as Bourdieu, Foucualt, and so on and how their ideas can or cant help us think about your topic more generally.

3. What research has been done on this topic before?
This is a synthesis of the research specific to the region-specific topic of your paper.

4. Methods
In this section you describe the different ways in which the researchers described in 3 above carried out their research. Was it participant-observation, surveys, a mix, etc.

In this section you restate your topic and argument. You also write a sentence or two about the type of evidence you used to support your argument. You link your argument back to the theories dicussed in Section 2, by pointing to how the research you look at is an example of and/or a challenge to these theories. A couple of sentences about what what still dont know as well as some suggestions about how we could find out more. Be specific in terms of methods and your reason for using these particular methods instead of others.

This contains a list of all references that you have cited in your essay. Please note that it is not a bibliography, which would be more extensive but would not demonstrate that you are actually familiar with the material you list.

#Hope you follow by this instruction, because it is what this essay really need. And i will upload some articles for you.
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