Healthcare Administration Capstone Project

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Identification of Issues (2-3 pages) (level two subtitle)
Purpose: To establish the foundational issues to be analyzed in detail later in the Solution.
This section narrows the focus of the topic by identifying the key issues from your proposal that you are pursuing in your research and how those issues specifically relate to your topic. One of these key issues should include the ethical dimension of your topic.
Discussion of Issues (2-3 pages) (level two subtitle)
Purpose: To discuss the foundational issues to be analyzed in detail later in the Solution.
Ask several or more key questions that will guide the research and will be answered by the study. Put each one in bold type. Then under each question, write a substantive paragraph that provides information on the question, elaborates on why it was chosen, and how it is linked to the study.
Conclude this section with a description of the methodology the method(s) used to gather and analyze the information. You may use the Methodology section of your HCAD 515 Proposal to reflect Timeline of Activities: Specific activities or milestones associated with the proposal.
o Schedule Feasibility: How reasonable is the project timetable? Specify exactly the type of research to be performed and sources you plan to use to address the feasibility of the project. Best practices research involves learning both what works and what does not work, based on the relevant experiences of others.
Environmental Scan: A comprehensive internal and external review of primary and secondary source.
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