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For this assessment, you are required to conduct a systematic literature review based on any ONE of the issues below. The review should be 3,000 words (+/- 10%). Your submission should include your search strategy, search terms and combinations, databases accessed and approach to identifying and evaluating specific papers to and as an annex a screen shot of your search strategy. You should include at least EIGHT and no more than TWELVE papers in your assignment. NOTE the 8-12 papers refers to the ones included in the actual systematic review. You are likely to cite additional references in your introduction/discussion. If you include grey literature in your review you need to justify You are encouraged to develop a research question for your systematic review around one of the following topic areas: * Informal economy and health (e.g. What strategies in what context have worked to increase health care coverage and social protection for informal workers?) * Urbanisation (e.g. factors that prevent older residents from aging well in urban environments?) * Migration (e.g. what changes do rural residents experience with an out flow of young people to urban areas?) * Aging (e.g. How are policy-makers incorporating aging in their development agendas in lower and middle income countries?) * Sexual and reproductive health (e.g. what strategies ae effective in delaying first births among married adolescents?) You are encouraged to discuss your question on Blackboard for feedback The review should be properly referenced throughout and a full reference list must be provided. You should as much as possible use references from published literature. You can use diagrams and figures to support your work but please reference where they have come from.
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