HAM 3000 TASK 2 comparative approaches to international employee relations

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Task 2
Building upon and extending the research completed in task 1 you must now select a contrasting country and construct a research focused assignment which compares and evaluates the employee relations systems within both countries you have chosen.

You need to ensure you have chosen both a developed and a least developed country to contrast and highlight the challenges within HRM and ER
For example this could be comparing France with either Zimbabwe or Pakistan

We would like you to:
Evaluate and compare the employee relations systems and critically analyse the implications for organisational practice.
Compare and critically evaluate the differing systems of control and regulation within the countries of your choice.
Examine the development of labour law and its enforcement in the two differing global contexts
This might include national perspectives of Master and Servant to highlight the guiding principles upon which employee relations is based within these countries.
A definition to help you distinguish between developed and least developed countries is taken from the United Nations

\”the initial criteria for designating a country as least developed required a low per capita gross domestic product (GDP) and structural impediments to growth. The presence of such impediments was indicated by a small share of manufacturing in total GDP (under the then current assumption that a high the level of industrialization was a structural characteristic of developed or \”advanced\” countries), as well as a low literacy rate (indicating the extent of development of the country\’s human capital).\”

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