Global Environments and Political Economy

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Dimension: Acquires, analyzes, and evaluates information from multiple sources.
Description: In this assignment, you will
1)take a concept from this course and find out more about it.(I decided to choose Global Environments and Political Economy) Examples include Population, Environments, Conflicts and Terrorism, Religion, and Poverty.

2) Identify THREE different sources that address the chosen concept and evaluate these sources based on biases, strengths, and weaknesses. These sources might include: Google, Wikipedia, social media, library, newspaper, or article databases. Consider the following:
1.Search strategy: What process are you using to identify diverse sources?

2.Credibility: Where did the source come from and who wrote it?

3.Relevance: Is the information in the source recent or timely?

4.Objectivity: What kind of methods, evidence, or arguments did they provide?

3) write an essay explaining and justifying how and why you selected these sources for this assignment.

1.Search strategy: Describe and rationalize your plan to identify the sources used in the assignment.

2.Source description: Describe the TYPE of sources you chose (articles, books, videos, websites, etc.) and your reasoning (why did you choose those sources to find out more about your specific topic?).

3.Source evaluation: Evaluate each source in terms of credibility, relevance, and objectivity.

A 500 to 700-word essay that tells the reader about the sources and also reflects on your search strategy, overall quality, and evaluation of the sources.
The concept I selected was Global Environments and Political Economy.
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