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please make sure to follow directions closely. each question\’s answer should be one and half pages long. no outside references can be used except for the book that i mention below. make sure to cite everything that you are saying with author name and page number for each citation. make sure to have many citations and specifically answer the questions very thoroughly. Paper must answer the following 4 questions in this order and each answer should be numbered and each with the appropriate length as typed below. You must cite only from the book Modern Jewish Thinkers: From Mendelssohn to Rosenzweig written by Gershon Greenberg and not from anywhere else. I have provided you the page numbers where the reading should be from next to each question and provided you access to the e-book which is found on amazon kindle. I have provided the login info below.

question 1: describe the emancipation of Jews into Western Europe, from the Jewish perspective – , and Mendelssohn\’s effort to adapt Judaism to it. (31-64)

question 2: Explain Formstecher\’s history (and/or metahistory) of the nature-spirit relationship, with regard to Judaism and Christianity. (pages 139-170)

question 3: Explain Steinheim\’s approach to Jewish revelation. provide a Christian response. (pages 211-257)

question 4: Drawing from pages 476-484 , compare the views of Buber, Heschel and Soloveichik with regard to the encounter between God and man. (pages 476-484)

The book is accessible via amazon kindle and the website for it is:
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