Explain XYZ management have reacted to concerns expressed by the remaining three people on the team and have engaged your MGT 300 team to be a consultant on this problem.

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Scenario: A 5 person team has been established by Company XYZ to make a series of recommendations to management on possible locations for the establishment of new retail outlets, in-country and offshore. This is a multifaceted task it expected that vast amounts of information, both internal and external, will need to be gathered and analyzed, discussions and meetings held with individuals at all levels and a comprehensive report drafted with a presentation to senior management by the end of the year..

The project is very complex and will require all members to work together to complete the assignment deliverables. Management has selected the team based on availability, rather than skill or expertise but sees the members as competent and experienced. The task is very important and crucial to the future of the business.

The problem is that two team members are causing problems for the team. One of the team members, James, rarely comes to team meetings, and even when given an assignment does a poor or mediocre job, often turning in his work well after the time it was needed. He has made little secret of the fact that he plans to look for another job overseas. He is quite content to put his name to work done by others but does little himself. Another team member, Jane, tries to come to all the meetings but the team is aware that she has significant problems at home, disrupting her ability to contribute to the team, especially as the other three are working long hours and occasionally on weekends. Jane rarely works outside 9-5 and even when she does she is mostly outside on her phone. Although she would consider herself a participating member of the team she rarely has anything useful or innovative to offer, although the others believe that she has the ability but is too distracted by her home problems to contribute fully. She has made it clear that she is only doing this as a favor to her manager (who struggled to find a suitable nominee to the team) and is looking to get back to her real job (and regular hours) as soon as she can.

Management sees the team as one unit and is looking for a team effort. All members expect to be judged as part of the team rather than as making individual contributions. Bonuses, promotion and perhaps even continued employment in XYZ are riding on the outcome. The remaining three team members are very concerned because the project deliverables will be very difficult to accomplish successfully by the due date with only 3 people participating. In addition, all team members are required to be part of the presentation and any one members lack of preparation will jeopardize the entire project.

Your Job: XYZ management have reacted to concerns expressed by the remaining three people on the team and have engaged your MGT 300 team to be a consultant on this problem. The team is having a severe problem motivating John and Jane. Using at least two of the motivation theories presented in class, please prepare detailed specific advice to help them deal with the motivation problems they face. Be specific about what they should do and defend your recommendations using the motivation theories discussed in class. Your report should be written for management and have a professional appearance. Your recommendations should be clearly stated and supported.

It is suggested that your report will probably need to be around 1000 words to adequately address the issues. A detailed bibliography is not required but if you quote or paraphrase from an external source you must acknowledge it.

use Maslow Hierarchy of need Motivation Theory. 350 words.
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