Explain why you have selected this particular market (because it is a growing market etc.)

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Define the target market for international expansion, for example USA or some part of Asia (in this case China)
Explain why you have selected this particular market (because it is a growing market etc.)
Provide a comprehensive competitive analysis
Position your company relative to the competition
Apply at least three methods from the Strategic Management class materials to provide strategic advice. At least one of the three methods should be quantitative (such as an ABC Analysis).
List the required investment and the expected ROI
Argue the business case for the investment
Briefly discuss potential risks or downsides
Use graphs and charts to visualize analysis and results

Please set it up this way:

1. Product-market segmentation of the company\’s current business and the foreign market (China) with Abell-Matrix ; 1 page
2. Analysis of the further environment in the foreign market (what could influence the market) ; 1 page
3. Market analysis (volume in units/euro, price development, market growth, purchase decision, distribution channels, market assessment) ; 2,5 page
4. competitive analysis (Porter with chart of strategic groups) in the market ; 2,5 pages
5. Business analysis and value-chain of Spotify ; 1,5 pages
6. SWOT for market entry in China ; 1 page
7. Strategy for the market entry in China ; 1 page
8. Plan of actions for the companys functional areas for the Chinese market ; 2 pages
9. Premises for the business plan ; 1 page
10. Calculation of figures (RoI, net present value, etc.) ; 1 page
11. Chances and risks ; 1page

I will add 9 more sources by tomorrow morning.

It would be great if you could provide processes of the calculation.
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