explain what recommendations can you make to education providers in their effort to recruit international students?

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research Report (2000 words includes research Questionnaires)

For this assignment, you need to undertake research with current Holmes students (at least 20 students, 20 part time / evening course students ) and analyse their decision in choosing Holmes as an institution of study in Hong Kong. Think about the Research methodology (Questionnaires)

(((((dear writer, please send me the questionnaires to me and I will complete with 20 students result for your actions))))
And You should consider the following factors in each section of your report:

Part 1
Describe the demographic and psychographic characteristics of the sample students
Analyse the consumer decision processes involved with choosing Holmes over other providers.
(How did they arrive at the decision to study at Holmes and factors that have impacted on their choice?)

(why dont they choose others top up degrees in other local university or other institutions)

Part 2
Based on your findings, what recommendations can you make to education providers in their effort to recruit international students?

You are responsible for a distinct section of the report
which should be indicated in the submission.
You need to work give more ideas.
The key premise to this assignment is to analyse your practical findings.
Students are expected to demonstrate research beyond the text book and source relevant academic journals.

Additional Notes: It is expected that you explore the topic, consult resources beyond lecture notes and the course text. For an academic work, you are required to primarily use models and theories, found in the textbooks, journal articles, and found through your own research to support your argument/analysis this should be supported by explanation to show your understanding and application of the concepts.

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